Africa XVI: Nomad Tours Day 4, Game Drives!

I’m very excited to share with you all the details of my Africa (Kenya/Tanzania) trip, and hopefully it helps you plan your own trip, encourages you to visit these places, or at the very least teaches you about another culture in another part of the world. I loved my Africa experience. To catch you up on my trip, check out all my Africa posts:

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Last I left off, Erica and I were with our Nomad Tours group for our Serengeti & Zanzibar 10 Day Trek South, where we had our first full day of game drives on the Serengeti! We now have the first half of the day to continue game drives on the Serengeti.


This is how some people get to the Serengeti, by plane! Just don’t hit the lions!


Here’s part of our group ahead scouting out animals.


Lonely elephant must have gotten separated from his family.


Not long after passing the elephant we spotted this lion hiding in the grass watching some gazelles.


They decided not to stick around to hang out with the lion.


Here’s a close up of the Secretary Bird above. They are so exotic looking, and quite big. Below you can see he’s the heigh of that gazelle.


Further down the road we passed a giant group of elephants amongst the brush. They were all different sizes and so adorable. There were probably 10 in total.


We continued on and bumped into a bunch of lions who were actually awake and moving around! Up until now most that we saw were sleeping or laying in the gas but these were up and walking around… at least for a little while.


Look at these cute cats snuggling, sniffling and yawning. The animals can all smell each other depending on how the wind blows, so I imagine the guy above picked up an animal scent.


As we started to leave the lions we noticed a brave little hyena walking in their direction. That explains what the lions were sniffing. The hyena ended up avoiding where the lions were sleeping, but he certainly got their attention…


You can see above, all those sleeping lions all perked up to watch the hyena.


Not long after seeing that we ran into another group of lions. Basically if you see a tree, there’s probably lions sleeping in its shade.


Further down the road a lion was sitting up on a rock.


It’s almost like the lion was posing for us.


Our guide got us SOOOO CLOSE to the lion. You could almost reach out and touch it (but you never would want to). Im not going to lie, I was dying to pet a lion in the wild.




I love that these lions were up and moving. It probably means they were hungry, as they sleep 90% of the day and eat the other 10% of the day.


This lion walked right up against our truck! At times it was hiding in the grass and ducking low, and thats when we realized it was stalking a group of gazelles on the other side of the road. Yup, that’s right… we got to see a lion stalk it’s prey!! This is extremely rare to see as it can take a lot of patience.


We were willing to wait and see what was going to happen. Such excitement! Our hearts were racing!


Look how close that lion was to our truck. Our windows were down and as he walked by he was so pressed against the truck, it’s like his fur stuck through the windows. It was crazy! We took photos in silence.


The lion was getting closer and closer to the group of gazelles.


This is the view across the street. The gazelle’s knew something was up. Originally they had been drinking and playing at the water beyond the tall grass, and now that the lion was crossing the road, they backed up away from the water and seemed to set themselves up like an army. I couldn’t believe we were getting to see this first hand in the wild.


The lion inched closer and closer trying to pick out the weakest gazelle from the group. This is the lions strategy, as gazelles run really fast and can outrun a lion. The best bet the lion has is to watch to see who might be a slow runner and then make it’s attack! And lucky for you I recorded the whole thing! Check out these videos and see if he makes the kill!


Im blanking on these birds name above, but I thought it was still worth sharing. They have blue necks and are so interesting.


We watched the elephants roam and then made our way to a quiet area of the park where we parked an enjoyed our boxed lunches.


It was fun parking and getting to walk around a bit on the Serengeti. There weren’t any animals around, which is the only reason we were able to do this, but it felt so freeing.


Just us, out on the Serengeti. This place is amazing.

After lunch we made our way out of the Serengeti and met up with a Maasai tribe. More on that in my next post!

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