Do This Today: Happy 98th Birthday National Park Service!

I’m still organizing and figuring out how best to share my Africa trip with you… those posts are coming soon, I swear. And there will be many posts, but think of it as a first hand guide to making a trip to Africa. I’ll go over travel logistics, money, what to pack, who to tip, etc. It’ll be a handy guide to anyone even considering a trip to East Africa.


Now on to today- it’s the National Park Service’s 98th birthday! That’s huge! The Sierra Club posted this awesome “subway map” of our National Parks. How many have you been to? Visiting 1 by the end of 2014 seems like a good goal- I hope to hit several. In honor of it’s birthday, check out THIS website or THIS website and make a donation. Look through photos and see how lucky we are to have these parks in our own country. Check out the full map on THIS page to see what historical parks/sites are near you. Maybe you could hit one up this weekend.

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