(Me and my buddies on a safari)

Guess who’s back! I survived hiking Kilimanjaro, a finger infection on the Serengeti, and stomach sickness on Zanzibar (more really for like 85% of the trip). Turns out my stomach can’t digest food in Africa. I’ll admit, that put a damper on things, but I still had an incredible, invaluable time in Kenya and Tanzania.

I arrived in NYC last night and made it into Connecticut after that to see family. I downloaded most of my photos (hundreds) so it’ll take time to edit and go through all of that, but you can expect a tons of posts on Africa. First I’ll give you a “24-hours in Kenya” guide, as that was basically all the time I had in Nairobi, but it was packed with fun. Next I’ll tell you all about Kilimanjaro, the route, the meals, and our experience with Zara Tours. Then I’ll share all about the Nomad Tours safari and Zanzibar visit. I really hope these posts serve as a guide to your future Kenya/Tanzania trip. Be sure to also check out As Her World Turns, as my sister posts her experiences with Africa.

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