2014 Resolution Update: A Look Back At June


We are already halfway through 2014! How?! I feel like I still write “2012” all the time. Well this month I get a big fat “F” for blogging. I feel like I let you guys down as work, errands, and obligations have made blogging challenging in June. There’s just not enough time in the day! I’m just glad I was able to do my June writeup (especially since I skipped May). Get ready for a completely narcissistic list of my accomplishments this month- I really need it as a motiviation. Sometimes when you’re so consumed with work you need to make lists like this to remind yourself you’re human and that you did get something done this month. Make a list- it’s fun, I swear.

– I walked to my favorite watering hole to meet up with a good friend for a drink on the patio after working my butt off on a table I’m making (June 1)
– Morning + Evening exercise… and lots of not sleeping due to Africa panic (June 2)
– So much Africa panic- “It’s going to cost me HOW much?!” (June 3)
– Delivered a finished table I made to a friend (June 3)
– ALL tickets purchased!! Africa’s happening 100% booked! (June 4)
– 2 hour-long walks + Dodgeball. I’m in exercise mode (June 5)
– Griffith Hike with Eva (June 8)
– Went to a strangers house party where I didn’t know anyone. Ballsy (June 13)
– Hike to Inspiration Point + Girls Night + Daniel and Casey’s Birthday (June 14)
– Morning walk with Jamie + Hollywood Hills Hike with Eva (June 15)
– Awesome movie night with the girls- Obvious Child (June 16)
– Dinner in BH with my Uncle- got to see the Peoples Choice Awards red carpet while I waited (June 19)
– I got my travel shots! I’m officially covered! “Lets test it out” -my coworker (June 20)
– Brenda + Joe’s Wedding! (June 21)
– Walked with Amber- exploring Pasadena on foot (June 22)
– Paid off my credit card- aka the entire Africa trip. Painful but it’ll be worth it (June 23)
– Finished my Typhoid Fever meds- I’m now protected. Bring it on! (June 27)
– Made lots of headway on my tables + discovered an awesome park walking distance from my house (June 28)
– Hiked Mt. Wilson! Training hikes for Kili! (June 29)

June has been a month of Africa becoming official, freak outs about the cost of Africa, and my grand spending hiatus (Im living off crumbs). It was a fun month, but I’m glad to be out of retrograde and into July.

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