Sanding and Staining

Recently I’ve had several friends say that their favorite part of Life Absorbed is seeing my projects and crafts. This is good news, as over the next year I’m hoping to transition it to be more focused on my design projects. This past weekend I got back into my workspace (*cough* garage) and worked on this future coffee table. I love the look and can see this being made into a headboard (maybe with built in side tables?). Ahh, the possibilities! Right now it’s my “testing table”, as I’m going to try a new Howard wax finish on it. I’ll let you know how it ends up.


Like all wood projects, it’s a lot of sanding before I can get to the staining fun.


This is the current state of the table top as I wait for the stain to set. There’s a gel stain that is more expensive, but makes the stain apply evenly. I’ll have to try that on future designs similar to this, as you can see some parts of the wood are resistant to the stain. But I like that warn aged look 🙂

Can’t wait to see the outcome and share it with you. Who knows, you might see it up on my shop some time soon!

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