Do This Today: Lunar Eclipse at Griffith Observatory


It’s a total eclipse of the hearrrrrt moon! This “Do This Today” is technically between today and tomorrow as it’s in the middle of the night. The Umbrial eclipse happens at 10:58p and then at 12:06am the moon is fully covered. Then at 1:24am the moon emerges and the event at the Griffith Observatory is officially over at 2am. So from 7pm to 2am you can view all of this from the observatory and it’s all free. The cafe will be open and there will be a ton of science guru’s there to answer your questions and let you look through their telescopes. This would make a really romantic date night for the unemployed.

Event: Lunar Eclipse at Griffith Observatory (event link)
Location: The Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA
Time: April 4, 2014, 7pm-2am
Cost: FREE!

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