2014 Resolution Update: A Look Back At March


It’s already almost a week into April and time to look back at March and see how my 2014 resolutions are coming. This post is mainly to keep myself on track, but I hope it inspires you to work on your own goals as well. In THIS post I detailed my 2014 resolutions, and now that 3 months (yikes! Time flies!) have gone by, it’s time to see how productive I’ve been.

As I shared last month, I’ve started keeping a list of key goals that I’ve met throughout the month so I can feel like I’m at least making a dent. This list excludes anything that follows routine, and is reserved for new activities, goals, or just things that excite me. I started back to work at the start of March, so I was far less productive in my outside goals, but did my best to fill nights with friends, exercise, comedy and good times. It’s also worth noting that the last two weeks of March I spent suffering from a nasty cold (which I can’t seem to shake).

– Made website for my shop on Squarespace for the year. It looks awesome (March 2)
– Started back on the Newsroom Season 3 (March 3)
– PGA/DGA screening with Grace and Carl (March 6)
– Took Sally and Kerrie on a tour of LA (March 8)
– Explored the Palos Verdes Tide Pools with Erica, Kerrie and Sally (March 9)
– Payed off all my 5% interest rate student loans!! BIG step!! (March 10)
– Dodgeball finals! We didn’t win, but had a good time (March 12)
– Comedy event hosted by Kevin Bright at the new Emerson Building (March 13)
– Special Birthday dinner at a Palos Verdes Resort for Tamar’s Birthday (March 21)
– Saw Brandon Walsh (90210) on my morning walk (swoon) and Special Birthday dinner at Bow+Truss for Erica (March 22)
– Finished another table! And more birthday events at Golden Road (March 23)
– Edendale for Michelle’s Birthday (March 25)
– Beverly and Ronna show at UCB (March 28)
– Productive Sick Day – got a lot of at home stuff done while resting (March 29)
– Sent off my first Etsy sale, Brunch at Sqirl, Gregory and Kelly’s wedding shower (March 30)

I feel good about how my free time was spent and this is the big month where most of my LA friends had their birthdays which meant lots of fun friend time. I also was good about maintaining my 4-5 walks a week, but slowed a little during those sick weeks. I also crossed a big student loan goal off my 2014 list of resolutions. Lots to be proud of this month, especially given the work stress that comes at the beginning of every project.

Now that March is on, it’s time to tackle April! Spring is upon us and since I don’t have the garage this month, my projects are on hold until May which means I’ll be spending my weekends attending weddings, taking day trips outside of LA and focusing on exercise. First things first, making this cold go away!

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