2014 Resolution Update: March 1


It’s March 1st and time to check in and see how our 2014 resolutions are coming. This post is mainly to keep myself on track, but I hope it inspires you to work on your own goals as well. In THIS post I detailed my 2014 resolutions, and now that 2 months have gone by, it’s time to see how productive I’ve been.

As I shared last month, I’ve started keeping a list of key goals that I’ve met throughout the month so I can feel like I’m at least making a dent. This list excludes anything that follows routine, and is reserved for new activities, goals, or just things that excite me. Here’s what I’ve got for February, the shortest month of the year:

– Started juicing with the Spud box (Feb 1)
– Hung out in Alex and Scott’s Studio and learned about the steps of starting your own business (Feb 2)
– Bought a scale- time to lose weight! (Feb 3)
– Had a great day that made me see how happy I would be if I had my own design/build business (Feb 4)
– John Mulaney Show taping with Martin Short and Elliot Gould + Penny Marshall (Feb 6)
– Kelly’s bridal shower (Feb 8)
– Rebel Bingo (Feb 8)
– The Women’s Dodgeball Clinic was today! (Feb 9)
– TAXES DONE! (Feb 10)
– Payed off all of loan “E” of my student loans… baby steps (Feb 10)
– Did 2 Secret Stair Walks (Feb 11)
– Figured out a way for my blog to evolve, as 2014 evolves (Feb 13)
– Walked to the other end of Burbank and back (Feb 16)
– Did 2 more Secret Stair Walks! (Feb 19)
– Dentist Appt! Done for 6 months (Feb 20)
– Dinner out with friends at Mr.C’s Bev Hills (Feb 20)
– Hiked Echo Mountain (Feb 22)
– Saw the Sock Puppet Theare’s Golden Girls Show (Feb 22)
– Explored downtown on a beautiful Sunday with Jamie (Feb 23)
– Hiked to the Hollywood sign with Grace (Feb 24)
– Last Secret Stair walk from my book! All done! (Feb 25)
– Visited the Reagan Presidential Library (Feb 26)
– Finished Kelly + Alex’s new table (Feb 27)
– Worked on my website, read my book + finished watching Sherlock on this rainy day (Feb 28)

I feel good about the last 28 days. It helps that I’m unemployed right now, as once work starts up (Monday!) I won’t have time for any of these goals. This is why I made my best effort to cross off Secret Stairs and the Reagan Presidential Library from my to-do list. There’s nothing like a lingering project nagging the back of your mind, especially once I lose my weekdays.

I’m relieved that the last day of February was a cozy rainy day, perfect for working on digital projects and reading. I also am using this time to figure out my goals for March. I spent February doing more hikes and finishing my Secret Stair walks outdoors, so with work starting up my only mid-week exercise can be my walking loop and hopefully lots of gym time. It’s time for indoor exercise. This will help with several goals on my 2014 resolutions list.

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