Secret Stair Walk#8: Highland Park- Highlands

— My goal was to finish all the walks in the book, “Secret Stairs, A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of LA” by Charles Flemming. I only had about 10 walks left when I pushed it to the back burner. One of my 2014 resolutions is to finally share those last walks with you. —

After finishing walk #6, Biz and I drove over to the other side of the neighborhood to do walk #8.

Highland1 Highland2

This was also a pretty quick loop that started flat (see above) and then took us up into the hills.


Creepy ghost head fountain.

Highland4 Highland5

Several of the yards we passed had fun lawn items. Many houses had left over Christmas decorations. The house in the photo below  had these freaky looking robots out in the front yard.


Time for stairs- up, up, up!


The top of the hill offers views of the west.


House number fun.

Highland10 Highland11


We saw this sign at the end of the walk. How cute is that? It’s sad the cat’s lost, but still the drawing is adorable.

This walk was largely residential, which is why this walk book is great. I otherwise wouldn’t have a reason to be trekking through these hills and seeing these views.

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