2014 Resolution Update: Feb 1


It’s February 1st and time to check in and see how our 2014 resolutions are coming. This post is mainly to keep myself on track, but I hope it inspires you to work on your own goals as well. In THIS post I detailed my 2014 resolutions, and now that a month has gone by, it’s time to see if I’ve been good or bad.

Since my list had some particulars and some abstract goals, I thought it would be best to make a specific January-resolutions-to-tackle list. This can be helpful if your resolutions feel a tad overwhelming (I raise my hand and lower head in guilt).

I also did something new this year- I have a digital sticky note on my desktop where I add a goal that I reached (or fun event that I did) and the date I did it. This way at the end of the month I have a list of accomplishments. Too many times months fly by and I get a sinking feeling of “did I even do anything this month?? Surely I did something worthwhile??” So instead of going over all my zillion resolutions I’m going to copy and share my January 2014 sticky note of achievements.

– Went snow tubing with Lexy (Jan 3)
– Drove to NY on a thrift store venture whim with my parents and saw Jasper Johns house (Jan 4)
– Went to a Uconn Huskies Basketball Game (Jan 7)
– Drove to New Hampshire and visted Kaleigh and Julie+David’s place (Jan 8)
– Told a boy I like him (Jan 8)
– Got a credit card (Jan 10)
– My juicer arrived today (Jan 11)
– Built my own Bar Cart (Jan 13)
– Built my own Console Table (Jan 16)
– Had a Palm Springs weekend (Jan 18/19)
– Did a Secret Stair Walk (Jan 21)
– Played really well in Dodgeball and helped my team win (Jan 22)
– Built a hat rack (Jan 23)
– Went go karting (Jan 23)
– Had my yearly doctors appt (Jan 24)
– Saw Fitz and the Tantrums perform at Robin Thicke’s Pre-Grammy Party (Jan 24)
– Did 2 Secret Stairs Walks (Jan 25)
– Finished reading Wild (Jan 25)
– Went to the Eagle Rock Brewery 4th birthday event (Jan 26)
– Satellite Concert (Jan 27)
– Sugar Fish dinner with my Uncle (Jan 28)
– Completed my Illustrator 2 class (Jan 30)
– Got my Spud box and started using my Juicer (Jan 31)

My plan is to continue these lists for all 12 months, so at the end of 2014 I’ll have a full list of accomplishments to be proud of and it’ll make 2014 not feel wasted. I’ve decided February 2014 will be about exercise. I’m going to finish all my Secret Stair walks, do more hikes, go running at the gym more and hopefully work up to running a 10k in 2014. I hope to do more reading and have more “me time”. I hope to have my website fully up and running… and so much more.

It’s hard to believe 1/12 of the year just flew by! We only have 11 more months to complete a lot of goals. I hope to spend February productively and when I check in March 1st many more goals will be completed. Cheers to another month!

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