Israel V: Acre (Akko)

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After seeing Haifa, we headed north to Acre (or Akko as it’s also called). We were in a rush so we didn’t have time to really research the town. We figured we would get there and figure it out. Sure enough we followed “Templar Tunnel” signs and historic landmark signs until we ended up in the Old City. We knew we were in the right place.


We parked along the coast in the Old Town and could tell we were on the outer edge of a maze of buildings only reachable on foot. So we got out and just wandered as the sun set.


After being in Tel Aviv (a modern city) and then the ruins of Caesarea (super duper old city), it was great to see a middle ground. This is a very old but livable city an our first taste of what we thought ISrael would be like. This is a small taste of what Jerusalem ended up being like, although we hadn’t been to Jerusalem yet.


I’ll admit, it was a little eerie, as there were no shops and no tourists in this maze of old buildings and walkways (above is my uncle). It felt like we could have been mugged at any moment, but we weren’t and it was very cool so I’m glad we explored here.


As we wandered around this maze of a town, we stumbled on the Templars Tunnel. It was about to close, so we rushed through it although it ended up being just a quick tunnel. So we actually looped back and did it twice. If you go to Acre, it doesn’t take long to do so don’t budget a lot of time for it. It was also 15 NIS (so like $5).


Once we finished the tunnel, we continued on our winding walk through this old city. Occasionally a light would be on and we’d get to see the insides of these old stone Jesus-time looking buildings. It’s hard to imagine what living in these places would be like.


Once we found our way out of the maze and were back on a driving road along the coast, of the Old City, we explored more well-lit areas and stumbled upon St. John’s Church.

Akko7 Akko8

It’s just such a different way of life here, I find it fascinating.


While exploring we found ourselves on rooftops.



I really enjoyed seeing Acre at sunset and recommend it. While it felt a tad unsafe, it was so much fun to explore the walkways and just wander through the maze. Exploring is fun 🙂

We left Acre and decided to drive to Tiberias (where our hotel was for the night) and get dinner there. HERE‘s the map of our drive. Doing this drive after dark was unfortunate because we couldn’t see the landscape in the dark. In my next post I’ll show you Tiberias (aka the Reno of Israel, as we’d been warned).

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