Israel III: Modern Art and Bauhaus Architecture

To catch you up to speed, check out these earlier posts about my trip:
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Israel II: Jaffa (the Old City)

After exploring Jaffa, we made our way to the center of the modern side of Tel Aviv to visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


The Museum has a modern addition above. It’s a bit disorienting, but still fun to explore.


None of the walls meet at 90 degrees. I do not envy the person who had to draw these sections and elevations. The art in the museum was interesting and after an hour (we were on a tight schedule) we finished at the museum and walked in the sprinkling rain to Dizengoff Square, where we were the day before.


Yesterday when we were here we stopped into the Bauhaus Center, but didn’t have time to do the walking tour. Today was our “museum day” so we hoped to get in the tour before the sun went down. The sun sets very early this time of year in Israel, so we had to rush.


I think my architect uncle and I expected that the Bauhaus buildings would be well maintained and an expensive place to live given their architectural significance. We were wrong. Many of the buildings needed a lot of help and you could tell they were affordably priced.

TelAviv38 TelAviv39

Each had interesting features and all the buildings were unique. Sure enough we had to complete this tour in the dark. Night is not the best time to be taking pictures of peoples homes, and I now understand this: daytime photos of homes= thoughtful person admiring design, nighttime photos of homes=who is this peeping tom!? Lesson learned, start the walking tour around 2pm instead of 3:30pm.


The walking tour looped back to the Bauhaus Center in Dizengoff Square and we got to see this Agam sculpture in the middle of the square lit up at night. We had to rush off because we had dinner reservations at Popina in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood. It was an excellent meal and I highly recommend this place to people visiting Tel Aviv!

Check back in soon to hear about day 3 in Israel where we rent a car and drive up the coast.

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