Israel II: Jaffa (the Old City)

To catch you up to speed, check out these earlier posts about my trip:
Israel I: Modern Tel Aviv

After spending day one of our trip running around Carmel Market and modern Tel Aviv, we rejoined Andy and Brian on day two to experience more of their neighborhood, Neve Tzedek, and meander down to the old city of Jaffa.


This photo above was taken at 8am outside of the Hilton along the promenade. I did a quick walk before breakfast, as I like seeing cities wake up. Little did I know that at 8am on Saturday, the promenade would be filled with walkers of all ages. Very impressive. Also  we had beautiful 75 degree weather.


After breakfast we met up with Andy and Brian in Neve Tzedek and walked around their neighborhood a bit. Above is an example of what the homes looked like: beautifully run-down buildings with colorful courtyards.


We cut through the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theatre (which was a well manicured outdoor space) and made our way over to the HaTahana (The Train Station Complex) which was also a well taken care of property. The buildings look newly restored and there are cute shops and cafes.


We walking through the plaza and cut over to the promenade to continue on to the old city by the water. What a lovely day for November. TelAviv22

The graffiti is fun in Tel Aviv, and by the beach is no exception. It’s the last supper with famous Jews. It’s on a broken piece of wall by the water.


On our way to Jaffa!


In Jaffa looking back north at Tel Aviv. You can see our hotel several miles up the coast.


The Jaffa port is beautiful and a fun area to walk around. There are tons of venders and shops along the water.


We ended up eating lunch with a view of the water right in the port at Old Man and The Sea. It was my first time having mezze. This is where they place a bunch of small plates of food in front of you and then you order a main protein. Personally, the 20 small constantly refilled dishes is enough to fill up anyone, but you need to order a fish or meat as the main meal. Many restaurants serve this type of meal with varying quantities of food. This was my favorite (and first) mezze experience on the whole trip. The dishes were falafel, and avocado, and different types of hummus, and salads… and so on.


After the meal, we meandered around Jaffa exploring it’s history.


It was very photogenic and felt very old compared to all the places we saw in Tel Aviv our first day (duh- it’s the old city). But seeing this gave a nice taste of what was to come in Jerusalem later on in the trip.


I just love the stone pathways. Also, there are cats everywhere. Every single place. All over Israel and Istanbul. Funny enough, I only saw a few dogs (even as peoples pets) yet we saw probably a million stray cats.




In Jaffa, it is easy to imagine the history as it’s right there in ruins in front of you. Since most of Tel Aviv is so modern, this really was our first taste of “oh wait- Jesus was here? Kings? Rulers?”


Above is St. Peter’s Church in Jaffa. According to Wikipedia, Napoleon lived in two of its rooms in 1977 and also has Biblical sinificance. Unfortunately we went the one time it was closed and given our tight schedule we had to keep moving along.


On we went through Jaffa before we eventually cabbed it across Tel Aviv to see an artsier side of Tel Aviv. Up next, Israel III: Modern Art and Bauhaus Architecture.

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