2014 New Year Resolutions

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Happy end to 2013, and happy beginning to 2014! If you’ve been following along the past couple years, you know I’m big into resolutions. I like to share them here in a public forum in the hope that I will fulfill as many of the goals as possible. I’m sure that this isn’t exciting to people who aren’t myself, but I think goals are important for everyone to make and I hope you make your own list for 2014. This year I decided to break down my resolutions into categories of basic self-improvement. You’ll see some of my unfinished 2013 resolutions made it onto my 2014 list. Enjoy!



Digital Resolutions:
O figure out how to update computer in a cost effective way
O Find a solution to a music hard drive, a work hard drive, a photo hard drive, and use bridge to organize it all AKA Digital Organization

“Working toward my Future” Goals:
O Can my passion become my job?
O Keep building! Keep my skills growing
O Develop my art shop website and launch it
O Work on my networking skills
O I’ve wanted a property for years and it’s time I crate a plan to make it real. How much more money do I need?
O Create “dream” renovations via pinterest and then break down what that will cost by room (aka bathroom, kitchen, living space) knowing that it will change by the location
O Practice what you want to do by finding a house on zillow and draw out + illustrate the changes you would make to it and try to attach numbers to those changes. It’ll be a great exercise.
O Figure out how to make buying a property and also developing my own business a reality

Design Goals:
O Build a console table
O Make a headboard
O Design 2 bedside light fixtures for myself (but also to sell)
O Redo my bathroom to be more in the “Spa lifestyle”

Exercise Goals:
O Fit into my 2012 jeans!
O Buy a juicer! and use it!
O Running- you hate it, but you must

Money Goals:
O Pay off my 4.8% interest student loans in 2014
O Finish paying off all my student loans?

Reading/Mental Goals:
O Read my Susie Orman Book
O Become more active in book club
O Even read books outside of book club
O Read my blogging and starting a business books
O Do more Rosetta Stone

Social Goals:
O Volunteer!
O Play more dodgeball
O Go to even more comedy shows
O Use my trapeze coupon

Personality Goals:
O Be more patient
O Don’t be a stick in the mud

“Upping my Skills” Goals:
O Take at least one woodworking class
O Take an Illustrator 2 Class
O Take a Sketch-up Class

California Goals:
O Visit places I ddn’t get to in 2013 (Reagan Presidential library)
O Revisit that Palos Verdes Beach with all the animals!
O Visit Wolf Mountain?
O Elmers Bottle Tree Ranch?
O Gamble House Tour (Pasadena)
O Take a weekend trip north?
O Weekend trip in Palm Springs
O Visit Salvation Mountain
O San Fran? Or a road trip north?

O BLOG MORE- be more active in the blogging community
O Keep making/updating/editing my vision board
O Grow a PAIR!

This is a very ambitious list with a few “???” in it, but I’ll do my best in ’14 to complete as much as I can. My horoscope has been touting what a big year of change 2014 will be for me and I’m very excited for the welcomed change. 2013 has been so much about saving money, paying off debts and working toward preparing myself for a big change, so I’ve got big expectations for 2014. I think if you want something enough, you can will it to happen… so we shall see 🙂 Cheers to 2014!

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