Sleeping in on Sunday… Oh and Everest

I’m sorry for the missed posts on Friday. Unfortunately while I’m working, inconsistency is unavoidable. Did you hit up the Festival Supreme yesterday? I did not. Despite LOVING comedy I couldn’t justify the cost of the ticket because I’ve seen all the slated performers around town for crazy cheap. But I read Lonely Island joined Tenacious D on stage and did a surprise set. For just that alone I would have paid full price for the ticket. Oh well, someday I’ll get to see them perform in person. Also this means they are in LA… I wonder what local shows they will be dropping into while they’re here?

27d32ef237ef11e3a2ab22000a1fb84b_7 (image from here)

While I’m puttering around in LA, my sister is hiking her way to Everest Base Camp right now. She’s a travel blogger (As Her World Turns) and while her newest posts are still back from when she was in Australia, if you follow her instagram you can see her up-to-the-second images. Like this one above. Can you imagine living in this town on the side of Everest?

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