Halloween Costume Ideas

Now that it’s October, have you started thing about Halloween? BuzzFeed has this great article showing funny group costume ideas. I love that Golden Girls made the list, as back in college that’s what my group of friends went as.


Can you tell that I’m Betty White?

In 2011 I went as…


Nancy Drew!

In 2012 I went as…


Shari Lewis (and that’s my boss as Lamb Chop)!

Can you tell who I might want to go as this year? Here’s a big hint…


She’s amazing and expect to see plenty of photos when I make the big reveal on October 31st! What are you going as? You’re never too old to dress up! Hit up your local Salvation Army to make a costume on a budget. Print out research and bring it to the store. I’ve found the thrift store employees enjoying helping with the search (as it’s something fun for them too).


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