DIY Necklace Holder

A friend of mine (Tamar) came to me and said, “I’ve run out of room for my necklaces. Can you help me hang a bulletin board so I can use pushpins to hang them from?” and my response was “we are making you a real necklace holder”. It made me realize my own necklace holder was at capacity (see below):


That means it’s time for a DIY necklace holder for both of us! I combed pinterest to see what the world is making and love the look of different drawer pulls that jewelry can hang from.


Coincidentally, as this project came up I happened to be wandering around the clearance section of Anthropology (the only part of the store I can maybe-afford) and saw these drawer pulls above. What a coincidence that just as I’m embarking on a project that involves a mix of drawer pulls and they’re ON SALE for $3ea! I hadn’t even designed my jewelry holder yet, but I knew I had to scoop these up while they were there and I sent Tamar to also get a bunch for her holder.


Knowing I would need to cut the ends of the long drawer pulls, I bought a Dremel to add to my tool collection. This is pretty timid as far as tools go, but it’s super handy. I highly recommend it and it comes with all sorts of attachments that can sand, buff, cut wood, and even grind metal.


Above you can see the beginning of my jewelry holder (on the left) and Tamar’s (on the right). Since she has a long closet where she’s hanging it, hers is a 3′ single piece of wood. My necklaces need to fit in a narrower space, so mine is two rows. I sanded and stained them to bring out the grain. Thankfully I collect scrap wood and had left over stain, so this was all free.


Glue time!


Disregard my messy work space, but I want to explain the process as I worked on these alone at night and couldn’t get great photos. Once the stain and clear coat dried on the wood, I marked where I wanted the drawer pulls to go. I then predrilled holes, slightly smaller than the thickness of the drawer pull rod. Then I screwed the drawer pulls into the wood by hand. The rod sticks through the back of the wood where I attached a bolt to keep the pull in place, so then I used my Dremel to grind (cut) through the rod so that it’s relatively flush against the bolt (later images show this).


These 5 hooks aren’t going to hold a massive collection, which Tamar alerted me she has a lot of necklaces. It’s problem solving time!


I went to Home Depot and purchased their largest golden hooks (since it looks nice with the golden wood stain). I came up with a pattern of hook placement that works well with the 5 unique drawer pulls we already bought. You can see above I pre-drilled little holes to make screwing in the hooks easier.


Lastly, you can see above that the bolt which secures the drawer pulls in place makes it so that it will sit 1/8″ off the wall. To make sure this doesn’t cause marks on the wall, I purchased furniture pads with an 1/8″ thickness (which normally go on the bottoms of chair legs) and put them on the edges. I also bought picture hanging kits from Home Depot which allow this to comfortably hang 1/8″ off the wall. Each of these is really cheap.


Above you can see how mine turned out! Doesn’t it look nice? You can’t even tell it’s 1/8″ off the wall.


Here’s Tamars as we were installing it above…


And here’s the final look! Isn’t it great! Now that’s a lot of necklaces!

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