Weekend Guide: August 23 + 24 + 25

I’m not feeling well today.. or for the past fews days.. so the Weekend Guide will be brief. I finally got around to uploading my cell phone images which means new fun DIY posts coming up this next week. So lets get to it!


Tonight, Friday August 23rd, at 4pm Culver City in the Park is doing a Fiesta La Ballona to kick off a weekend of fun. If you’re in the area, stop by. It’s a family friendly event with food trucks, live music, carnival rides and more.



This weekend is also the Manhattan Beach Open for volleyball. Come head to the beach for some fun, sun and pro-vollyeball. It’s supposed to be crazy hot this weekend too.


Loud Village is hosting a house party tonight to celebrate comedian Brooks Wheelan’s move to NYC. Andy Hayes, Jim Hamilton, Emily Maya Mills, Matt Ingebretson and Power Violence will be in attendance. Get ready to say goodbye and BYOB.


On Saturday August 24th, 2013 FYF is happening in LA’s Historic Park. They only have 2-day weekend passes left (for $100 each). For me that’s too much to spend, but if you have that kind of money lying around you should definitely go. I went several years ago, and we called it “line-fest” due to all the waiting around. But thankfully it’s been reworked and organized in the past few years.

The Avocado Festival is happening at LA City Brewery this weekend. Rumor has it they are unveiling their new avocado beer so come try it for yourself.


If you can’t make it to FYF, there’s a FREE show at the Getty’s  Saturdays Off The 405 event this weekend. La Santa Cecilia will be performing along with DJ Hoseh.


As for Saturday night comedy, Largo is hosting a live podcast taping of How Did This Get Made with Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukis, and Diane Raphael. Tickets are $25 and still available.


On Sunday August 25th check out Grand Park for their Sunday Sessions starting at 2pm. Pack a picnic for try local places downtown (or food trucks) but get ready to relax and listen to the Leverage Agency Showcase with Acid Pauli/NU/Eduardo Castillo and more.


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