The Business @ Lyric Hyperion Theatre (7/11/13)

This past week I checked out The Business at Lyric Cafe on Hyperion. The San Fran based show has branched out and started an LA chapter. I’ve been to the venue for a snack while Secret Stair walking, but never to the theater portion. I arrived extra early and had a snack at the cafe before the show.


You can see by the fliers above, Lyric Cafe is very pro indie comedy.


Beth Stelling hosted for the night. She’s a regular at The Business and I often see her name on comedy rosters around LA. She was an excellent host and very funny.


Mo Welch was up next. She has some awesome clips over on The Mo Show website. The Serial Optimist also did a nice spread on her.


My Hot Tub favorite Kristen Schaal was up next. She had an amazing bathing suit bit that hopefully she’ll do at Hot Tub because more people need to hear it. Check her out at the Virgil (Hot Tub Show) on Monday nights.



John Mulaney was up next. We west coasters were lucky to have him in town this week and I certainly took advantage and saw him 2 times. The last time was for a live podcast taping of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. This time it was all standup. He did a hilarious bit where he discussed his recent engagement and really broke down the saying “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”. Genius.


Ben Lerman came up next and sang three comedic songs. The last song he sang took a horrific real story and he created a song with three points of view from the same story. Good stuff.


Chris Garcia was up next. He’s one of The Business LA creators. Check out his website here and you can even hear him on Marc Maron’s podcast WTF.


Emily Heller was last up. I saw her do an excellent set at Hot Tub a few months ago and you should check out her twitter.

TONIGHT (and every Thursday) The Business will be happening at Lyric, so come check it out.

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