I checked out Harmontown at Meltdown this past Sunday. It was a really fun time. Dan Harmon is the show runner of Community (who was famously fired a season ago due to a Chevy Chase issue but was reinstated for this newest season). LEts face it, without him Community was a mess. Harmontown is his podcast, which he does with Jeff Davis, and is recorded live every Sunday. Tickets are $10 (you can get them here).

Harmontown combines guest interviews with audience work, as well as a lot of Community talk and then D+D. It was my first time getting to see what Dungeons and Dragons is. I also got a glimpse into how the writers room works on Community. It was very funny and kept my attention for the full two hours. Dan and Jeff have great chemistry (not sexual but hilarital). Check it out live if you’re in LA or HERE if you live anywhere else.

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