Hot Tub Comedy (July 1, 2013)

This past Monday I hit up Hot Tub, at The Virgil. It’s such a great time, every time I go. And the Virgil offers sweet $6 cocktails for happy hour (my favorite is the After Sunset). Doors open at 7 (show starts at 8pm) and tickets are $5 presale or $8 cash at the door. Go to this show.

I met up with some friends and arrived a little after 7pm. Seating is limited, but we arrived early enough to get seats in the second row.


Anticipation! See, great seats. I’m really happy with how the photos came out. I hope you enjoy them.


Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal, being hilarious, hosted the show as they do every week.


Kurt immediately started sweating. He “sprinkler’ed” all over Kristen.


Given that Kurt’s family was in the audience, they did a bit about when they were child actors they looked so alike they were casted like the Olsen’s (where they were used interchangeably). They showed a clip from an old Law and Order stint, where Kurt was the closeup shot and Kristen was wide shot (they cut into her old SVU episode). Given that they obviously look nothing alike, it was very funny.


First up, New York comedian Mike Lawrence took the stage. Check out his website here and his Comedy Central stand up here.


Kevin Biggins came out next. “I love that Domino’s has gift cards, It’s like ‘Hey, we didn’t know what to get you, but we did know that you’re a gross fat pig” – KB.



Kurt did a set of his own, which had us choking we were laughing so hard. He also threw ideas out for joke billboards he’s hoping to get made around the country. Kurt recently did the Cloud Project where he had a kick starter to raise money to have a sky writer write, “How do I land” in the sky over LA. Kurt’s like the Christo of the comedy world.


He also sweats a lot.


Next up, one of the sexiest stand-ups and happily married Nick Thune. Check out his new video here.


Kristen did her own set as well. She was very funny as usual.


Rory Scovel was last up! In anticipation of writing this post today, I listened to his cd, Dilation, on my commute in to work (love it!). He’s so full of energy and expression.


I had to include this extra photo of him, because you can tell from his face that he’s doing a character.

Excellent show! Be sure to hit up the Virgil on Monday nights to see this weekly show.

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