2013 Resolutions: July Update

This is 100% for my benefit, but sometimes you have to publicly list your goals in order to successfully follow through with them (accountability). Since it’s already July- wow! – I figured it’s a good time to take stock of my 2013 year long resolutions and see what’s changed, and what I have left to cross off the list.

Resolutions for 2013:
“SAVE SAVE SAVE!” – I’m always saving, and this year I’ve already knocked off one of two student loans. I’m pretty proud of that, but there’s still more to go. 
Go Cross Country skiing for the first time! – There wasn’t enough time to do this, but it can still happen later this year.
White water rafting. – I’m hoping for a summer trip, but still working the dates out.
Go kayaking – In fall I have plans to visit Cape Cod and get my kayak on. 
Dig out the bizarro la book and see what else is worth doing
Walk 5 times a week at least (mornings + nights!) – This is always a challenge (balancing exercise with work and comedy) but I’ve been good so far and even added a new walk route to the mix.
Do a Monster Walk! – Hopefully this can happen in the fall when I’m funemployed.
Do more hikes from my hike book
More camping! – I haven’t camped yet in 2013, and I’m aching for it! 
Run a race! 5k and work up to 10k? – It’s about time I trained again.
Whiten Teeth – done! 
Finish Secret Stair Walks – Like 5 more to go, but I don’t want them to end so I’m spacing them out. 
Do a secret stair walk with the facebook group and meet other stair walkers.
Do taxes in January (to get money back sooner!) -Done! 
Take an art class – My plan is to start a design class this month
Do more artwork. I have the supplies, so no excuses! – I bought my miter saw and have been nonstop with it ever since. I love it! 
Learn French I- Rosetta Stone – I’m in level 2.
Learn how to sew – I already sewed a pillow and some of my barrel chair.
Learn how to knit – I still need to do this. 
Take vitamin b – I’m bad about doing this every day, but I’ll work on it.
Keep up water intake! – I try
Clean bathroom drawer + cabinet – Check! 
Do projects from the Young, House Love book – I’ve done several, and should do more.
See a dermatologist – I’ve put this off for 3 years now. It’s time.
Read typography book I got for Christmas – Done. I’ve also read a handful of books in 2013, which is the thing I have the most trouble making time for. 
Clean out closet again this year. Maximize space and make it pretty!
Clean garage and organize with plastic bins – Done, but I wonder if I should do this again.
Clean out wallet – I carry around so many unnecessary things. Check! 
Clean out all emails – This is a life project.
Clean out computer and back up files – This is another thing that is a constant issue.
Get a new cell phone – Done! 
Keep going out during the week –I’m always up for week night fun, I’ll sleep when Im dead.
Do more running outside – Train for that 5k/10k above!
Living on my own?? – Can I afford it? I’ll find out closer to Novemeber
Improve my blog! Change is a good thing! – I’ve been working like crazy on my blog shop which is coming soon. I can’t wait to share it with you.
Keep saying yes.. to everything! Yes to life! YES! 

Trip Ideas:
O Visit 2 presidential libraries – Went to the Nixon Library, still need to see the Reagan Library.
O Take the train somewhere for a day trip outside LA -I haven’t taken the train, but I’ve been north and south for day trips outside of LA in 2013.
O Chicago again? -We shall see
O Beach camping up the coast?
O San Fran? more north? Portland? -This local trip has been nixed for the year, mainly because I have more exciting news: I’m going to Turkey and Israel in November! In an attempt to save money, I thought a road trip would be my big trip of 2013, but when an opportunity knocks you have to accept. This means getting to meet up with my sister while she’s on her 2013 quest around the world. 

3 thoughts on “2013 Resolutions: July Update

    • Haha thank you! As I see it, it’s not about finishing everything, but just a reminder of things to help keep me focused on goals. Plus, you gotta save something for 2014 😉

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