The Oxnard Strawberry Festival

This is several weeks late, but my friends and I went on an Oxnard adventure one weekend to check out the Strawberry Festival. It was fun to get out of LA for the day and visit a fair filled with locals. Our original plan was to park at the train station in Oxnard and take a shuttle bus in (so it’s free parking), but the school bus we were on wouldn’t start and time was ticking. We decided to just drive ourselves and pay the $10 to park right by the fair. It wasn’t the easiest to get to (signs were misleading) but once were parked the day started going right.


You can see there were plenty of local craft booths. One problem I had with the festival was the lack of strawberry jam! Not a single strawberry jam booth (from what we could find).


Thankfully there were booths with puppets. Phew.


Wendy herself was out and about serving up free goodies.


The first strawberry themed booth we found was (white) chocolate covered strawberries, which of course I ate before I could take a snapshot. It was amazing. We then decided to share a bag of strawberry popcorn. Why go to a strawberry themed festival unless you’re open to eating crazy themed foods. Note the Bungee Jumper flying around.


Yumm.. we got a fresh batch!


Eventually we made our way to the food court area. We had to hit-up the make your own strawberry shortcake. Note the signs behind are advertising “Strawberry Nachos”, Strawberry burritos, and other odd strawberry themed meals.


Strawberry pizza!


After having our fill of strawberry margaritas, strawberry popcorn, and other strawberry themed treats, we took strawberry photos and went on our way.

4 thoughts on “The Oxnard Strawberry Festival

  1. It can be very frustrating to have some of these themed food fairs be more about selling trinkets and little about the headlining food. A few years back my wife and I went to a zucchini festival to only find a single booth selling anything zucchini related. But besides the jams, from your photos, it looks like this festival had many strawberry themed foods.

    • Yes, I agree. The first booths we saw were for mattresses, radio stations and other big company products. It’s actually sad to say it took a while to find anything strawberry themed. Though once we got to the food area, that’s where we found strawberry items. I’m still bummed that there wasn’t any jam.

  2. What beautiful photos!! For future reference, do you know if they offer a shuttle service available for seniors? Or if they offer discounts for seniors?

    You are right. They should not only have strawberry jam but they should have a strawberry salsa. Strawberry pizza, though? Wow!

    • I don’t know about the specifics for seniors, but I passed so many shuttle buses. The shuttle we tried to take from the Oxnard bus station to the event was free, so I imagine the other shuttle buses were free as well.

      It was a grand time! Maybe next year I’ll try the strawberry nachos!

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