Do This Today: The Blind Barber’s Secret Show

(image taken from Pardon Me, I Digress)

I’ve written about this show before and I really think it’s worth checking out. To get in you have to RSVP that you’re coming so your name’s on a list. In order to get in you have to walk through and old barbershop to an unmarked door in the back. Get ready for an old -timey night filled with comedy!

Once you get in this place you’ll see stand-up from Todd Glass, Karen Kilgariff, Hampton Yount, Jim Hamilton, Lachlan Patterson, Rob Gleeson, as well as Andy Peters, Dave Waite, Nicholas Anthony and Grant Lyon. It’s gonna be fun! Email to get on the list.

Event: The Blind Barber’s Secret Show (event link)
Location: The Blind Barber, Culver City, CA
Time: Wednesday May 29, 8pm
Cost: FREE but you have to be on the guest list to get in. Email to get your name on the list.

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