Hot Tub Comedy (April 29, 2013)

This past week I hit up my favorite comedy show, Hot Tub, at the Virgil. It’s such a great time, every time I go. This weeks show did not disappoint. And the Virgil offers sweet $6 cocktails for happy hour.


I met a couple friends there and snagged a sweet table, sipped a $6 After Sunset before the show started. Anticipation!


And then out came Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal! They host Hot Tub every Monday night at the Virgil (get tickets here) for $5 (pre-sale).


Up first was the very funny Aussie, Celia Pacquola. She has a great analogy comparing body hair to roommates who grow hair plants. You had to be there, but definitely go see her if you can.


Kumail Nanjiani was up next. If you haven’t seen him in Burning Love: Burning Down The House, go watch it! He’s excellent in it.


Here’s Kristen Schaal being hilarious.


Pete Holmes came up next. He’s currently doing a May residency at Largo while he’s perfecting his interview skills for this Fall, when he begins shooting The Midnight Show With Pete Holmes airing on TBS after Conan.


Emily Maya Mills was next. I remember her from back when she was the gate keeper to UCB, and now she’s a full fledged performer. She’s often around town, so check her out.


Here’s Kurt Braunholer being all suave.


Jesse Elias was up next. He kept his head low and jittery, so that was the best shot I got. He definitely was a different style of humor. One of my friends loved him and my other didn’t get it, so it’s a toss up. His totally unique comedic style mixed with the fact that he’s young makes me think we will be seeing a lot more of him.


Simon Amstell was added to the line-up on Monday. He’s a british comedian currently doing shows at Largo during May.

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