It’s A Disaster


Did you have a nice weekend? Did you get out despite the never ending parade of gloomy clouds that rolled over Los Angeles this weekend? I took advantage of being in one of the two cities showing It’s A Disaster this weekend. The movie is about a group of friends getting together for their monthly “couples brunch” when a chemical attack forces them to stay locked-in together and face their impending death. It’s hilarious and thought provoking. If you only had a few hours to live and you were forced to stay locked up in your home for those hours, how would you spend that time? Would you get shit-faced? Would you watch a season of a hit show you’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t yet? Would you eat everything in the fridge? Or would you sit there panic stricken? I spent the entire movie thinking, what would I do? In the midst of their impending deaths, they are forced to face their own personal problems within their relationships.

I’m lucky that the screening I went to had Todd Berger (Director), Erin Hayes, Jeff Grace, Rachel Boston, and Blaise Miller for a q+a after the film. Todd told us how this film started as a very very low budget project and became something much bigger (while still low budget by Hollywood standards). If you’re in NYC or LA, go see this movie!

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