San Clemente + Dunkin’ Donuts

This past Friday (Good Friday) was a holiday for me and several friends. We decided to hop in the car and head south of Los Angeles for a beach road trip to San Clemente!


We had really great intensions, but the weather was just not on board. It was gray the entire day. But we didn’t let it bring us down!


We started by walking around their cute little downtown strip and hoped that by the afternoon the sun would come out. Around 1pm we decided it was time for lunch and had previously read about The Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar along the pier. The meal was delicious and I highly recommend this place.


We hoped that after lunch the sun would be out, but alas it stayed hidden behind the clouds. That didn’t stop us from walking the pier and along the beachside path.




I put my foot in the water and it wasn’t as chilly as it looked, although you still couldn’t pay me to go for a dip in the water.



As we finished our walk, we realized that a different adventure awaited us. We are from the East Coast where Dunkin’ Donuts are on every corner and yet there’s no Dunkin’ Donuts in LA. Not too long ago they opened up a Dunkin’ Donuts on Camp Pendelton’s base. This is the closest DD to Los Angeles and it also happens to be a short drive from San Clemente.


It’s a big joke, as we’ve talked about road tripping it down to this DD since it opened but it’s a long drive for coffee. We were all so excited to add this little adventure on to our road trip and happily enjoyed our coffee and donuts 🙂

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