Secret Stair Walk #16: Allesandro Loop

—  In 2012 I had the goal to do all 42 walks from my book, “Secret Stairs, A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of LA” by Charles Flemming. I was 10 walks shy of meeting my goal, but thats means I get to enjoy the Secret Stair walks in 2013! These posts are to (hopefully) convince you to buy the book and get out there to explore the secret stairs around LA. Enjoy!  —

My most resect secret stair walk was in Echo Park, #16: Allesandro Loop. I did it in conjunction with walk #17 to really make an afternoon of it.


In quiet sunny Echo Park, you really get a great view of the city.




The road might end, but the path continues. I got to meet several nice people along this trek.


Down, down, down.


Graffiti fun. Local flavor.


Echo Park is colorful creative hillside. You never know what you’ll find.


The dogs above were adorable. When I stumbled upon them the little dog was curled laying on the larger dogs arms… dog spooning. It was the cutest thing. Of course when I paused to take a photo, they jumped up and ran to the fence barking. Their friendship is really sweet.


This was in the window above someones front door. Like a guard dinosaur.


More roaming through the hills.


The above home (and below, mailbox) are Paul Landacre‘s. He was a famous artist/printmaker/woodworker. It’s unfortunate this property is boarded up. I’m so curious to know what’s inside (signs everywhere say “do not trespass”).



Above is a fun/tacky gardenscape that’s taken over an Echo Park property. The gnomes and their castle.



I finished this walk passing by this home with a cat staring me down. Only after a few snap shots did I see there was another cat further back watching me, and then another cat on the stairs. They blended in so well, that before I knew it I was in front of MANY cats… all quietly watching me.

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