Do This Today: The Blind Barber’s Secret Show


This is one of the coolest comedy show’s Ive stumbled across in a long time, it’s at a old-school speakeasy in Culver City. To get in you have to RSVP that you’re coming so your name’s on a list. In order to get in you have to walk through and old barbershop to an unmarked door in the back. Get ready for an old -timey night filled with comedy!

Once you get in this place you’ll see Andy Peters and Grant Lyon doing sketches, as well as stand-up from Rory Scovel, Michael Palasack, Melissa Villasenor, The Walsh Brothers, Dave Waite, and Nicholas Anthony.

Event: The Blind Barber’s Secret Show (event link)
Location: The Blind Barber, Culver City, CA
Time: Wednesday Feb 27, 8pm
Cost: FREE but you have to be on the guest list to get in. Email to get your name on the list.

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