Do This Today: The Super Serious Show


Come check out The Super Serious Show tonight! Tickets are $10 and include free wine from Cube Cafe, free beer from Eagle Rock Brewery and free drinks from Aqua Hydrate. The Urban Overn food truck will be parked out back, so come early to get some food free beer and a great seat. Tonight It’ll be featuring Paul F. Tompkins with Andy Haynes, Bobcat Goldthwait (legend!), Dave Anthony, Dr. Brown, Little Esther, Red Bastard and videos by Britanick. I’ve been to this show and it’s a very fun night.

Event: The Super Serious Show (event link)
Location: Cafe Club Fais Do-Do, 5253 W. Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016
Time: Thursday Feb 21, 7pm
Cost: $10 presale (get tickets here!) includes free beer and wine
FYI: This neighborhood is sketchy, but the event is awesome. Bring a friend and check it out.

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