DIY Kleenex Box Cover

Lately I’ve been noticing how many product labels are in my life and I’ve also noticed that I’m drawn to products that have excellent packaging.. or no labels at all. When looking at the brand logos around my bedroom, I noticed that the boring kleenex box design was standing out. Knowing I have some left over scraps of paper from other crafts, I thought I could make an easy fix.


Kleenex makes an awesome tissue, but in old-school dulls-ville packaging.


Once I found the right pattern (chevron) I traced the box and with a little double sided tape, it was good to go.




Since it’s not waterproof, this is only a short term solution. If you wanted one that will last you, you can always decoupage a plastic tissue dispenser. My plan for this box is to use it as a little mini trash can once it’s out of tissues. Once it gets kinda dirty I’ll just toss it out, and I can do it again on another box (with a different paper pattern).



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