My NYC Weekend

A few weeks ago I made a weekend trip to NYC to watch my good friend get married and it was a blast. I’m just so glad I had pretty warm weather (considering it was January in New England). To think that if they got married this past weekend, we’d all be stuck there! For those of you reading this while currently trapped in the snow, just know that it will soon look like these photos again and then before you know it, spring time!


The wedding party was shacked up at the Ace Hotel (super hip swanky hipster heaven) in Midtown. It was pretty affordable, as my good friend Sally (Also attending the wedding) split the costs. It had a large lounge lobby, which I assume had free wifi given the crowd. They also had shops, a bar and a coffee shop. At night the lobby turned into a nightclub. As a hotel guest I could bypass the line and go right in… Im too-cool-for-school. The photo above is of the coffee place Stumptown. This place felt like a Portlandia skit and often the line was out the door.


After the Saturday wedding, I spent Sunday and Monday with my childhood friend Carrie exploring the city. Since moving to Los Angeles, whenever I come to NYC Im tight on time and trying to see everyone I can. Given that Christmas was only a few weeks prior and I got to see lots of people then, this was a nice excuse to spend Sunday and Monday just being low-key and hanging out. I can’t tell you the last time I just “hung out” in NYC. Carrie and I visited some of her favorite stores + flea markets. It was so relaxed and nice to not have an itinerary.



We went to a giant flea market on the West Side around 76th St (near the Natural History Museum). We then walked down Columbus Ave stopping in at cute places, like Paper Source and the American Folk Art Museum, until we ended up in Columbus Circle and warmed up in the mall.



Carrie and I are both in the market for new glasses so she said we HAD to go to Warby Parkers showroom, and it was the best decision ever. It’s located in the Puck Building (aka Grace’s Design office building on Will +Grace). This beautiful building has larger than life Puck statues on the exterior… it stand out. I’ve seen this building on Will and Grace for years, so it was cool seeing it in person. Inside Carrie knew exactly where to go (as there was no signage and it seems like a private building). Sure enough their showroom is on the fifth (?) floor of this building. Here are the Warby Parker offices as well as a place to try on all their glasses. It was surprisingly busy for a store hidden in a signless building. For $100 Warby Parker gives you the frames and the prescription lenses AND donates a pair of glasses to charity. How cool is that? Plus the glasses are so cool looking. Once you create an online account, they send you any 5 frames for free to try on for 5 days. They even send you the return shipping label so this all costs you nothing. Genius. It was nice visiting their showroom, but this way if you don’t live in a major city you can also try on their glasses. Do it!!


After our glasses shopping (which was super fun) we visited the Housing Works Thrift Shop and Bookstore and Brooklyn Industries in Soho.


After a quick walk around Soho, it was time to head to the airport 😦 I’ll be back NYC and hopefully next time it will be longer than just a quick weekend.

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