Comedy Wednesday: Hot Tub (1.28.13)

It’s Comedy Wednesday! It’s only fitting that I write you this post while listening to the Louie CK pandora station. This past Monday I made it to the Virgil for Kurt and Kristen’s Hot Tub weekly comedy show. I LOVE it and highly recommend you check it out. It’s filled the hole left by Comedy Bang Bang ending


The show started with Kurt Braunholer and Kristen Schaal being hilarious and awesome as they always are.


They brought up an audience member (chosen by NY based Carl, who chose via text) to open a gift sent by Carl to Kurt and Kristen. They passed the contents of the envelope around for people to keep. I got a picture of an old curtain- score!


Eugene Mirman was the first guest up. I own Invite The Up (one of Eugene’s cds) so it was cool seeing him perform in person. It was my first time seeing him in person. He told a very funny story about him and Michael Stipe getting mugged by the police.



Next up are The Apple Sisters. They sang their song Pudding and then Tippity Tappity joined them for Tippity Tappity the Tape Worm. They have a podcast you should check out here.


Marc Maron came out next. He has the very successful podcast WTF with MArk Maron and he told stories about his interview with Mel Brooks (which will air in the next few weeks). I love old people (Mel Brooks!), so I was choking I was laughing so hard.


Kurt did some stand up next. He talked about his kickstarter to get a plane to write  comedic phrases in the sky over Los Angeles and NYC. Here is the kickstarter event! He’s met the goal, and is trying to raise more to do it in more cities. It’s coming in March!


The Sklar Brothers came out after Kurt. They told a story about a plane experience involving Laura Dern, a member of the Wu-Tang Clan (I think it was RZA), and Richard Simmons. So. Funny. They also have a podcast called Sklarbro Couuntry on Earwolf.


Kristen Schaal did her stand up next. She spoofed Beyonce’s Inaugural performance, by also lip synching to her own set. She also told a story about going to a media event and indulging in the open bar. We learned that when she vomits on herself, she does her best to keep it only on herself.


Hannibal Buress was next up. You can check him out on Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show @ 12:30a. He was a crowd pleaser and supposed to be the closer until…


Aziz Ansari dropped in! You probably know him from Parks and Recreation, Funny People, Human Giant or one of his stand up specials.


He talked alot about his troubles with single-hood, which are the exact same complaints I have about the dating world. I just find it so hard to believe that Aziz is single, as he’s hilarious, successful and adorable.

I had originally thought that Kurt and Kristen were only doing this show for a month residency, but it seems like it’s on going and I’m LOVING it. I’m sure Ill be back again soon. And as an added incentive, if you stick around after the show you can drink with the comedians.

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