Cheap Art Project for a Rainy Saturday


I have MANY do-it-yourself projects in the works, and although they are cheap projects they all involve a little seed money. For this upcoming rainy weekend, I gave myself the challenge of doing an almost-free art project. I found the image on the left from pinterest and thought pixel art could be fun. Then I found an image to blow up and become the image on the right. I also made a square viewfinder out of some scrap paper. My plan is to either use magazines or paint chips to generate the artwork above. The white viewfinder is to isolate the color square making it easier to find a color match. I also numbered each tile, so when I find the color to match I can label it on the backside, so I dont end up with a giant pile of random multicolored squares. I already own the glue and paper to mount it on, and paint chips are free! I also love that instead of a frame it’s hanging via old-school metal clip (something I don’t already own, but cheaper than a frame!). I’ll have to share the final product with you next week.

6 thoughts on “Cheap Art Project for a Rainy Saturday

  1. Cool idea, makes me want to pull out the paint brushes and some watercolors. This project could do/go so many different places as well. Just seeing those color patches makes my brain spin with ideas. 🙂

    • Glad it’s inspiring you! I feel like it could be fun as a collage, or if you get paint chips and use a cutter (like hearts or circles) instead of doing squares. Or even good old fashion paint! So many options.

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