DIY: Baby Room Pennant Banner

A few months back my good friend (who was 7 months preggo at the time) joined me for a lunch out in Silver Lake and we stopped in the (awesome) store Yolk. If you got to LA Mill you should stop in Yolk next door. It’s a cute little shop with all sorts of home goods and a kids area in the back. My friend was looking at these hanging pennants longingly, but they were out of budget in the $40-50 range. It got me thinking that I could probably make her one using inexpensive supplies from Michael’s Crafts… and I was right!


See those pretty pennants above? The nice thing about designing my own (as a gift for my friends baby shower) is that I could make the colors work with her room design/colors.


I went to Michael’s Crafts and bought the following:

O Gray Yarn ($2?)
O 5 Different Shades of Blue Felt (75 cents each?)
O Gold string (like the thread you’s make a friendship bracelet with) ($2?)
O White small Pom-Poms ($1?)

Here’s a tip for Michaels: They have online coupons offering 50% off the highest valued item. If you are in Michael’s, just pull out your smat phone, google for the coupon, and then they scan your phone at the register and you get the discount. It’s an awesome deal.

In the photo above, you can see I braided a 6′ piece of yarn together to make a thicker string, for which the pennants will hang from.


Next I made a template out of plain paper, and made a triangle, that would allow for 3 triangles to be made from one sheet of felt. I then used a ruler and sharpie to trace the template and cut a bunch of triangles from all of my felt. NOTE: I added an extra inch to the top of the triangle, so I could use that space to sew later.


Then I laid each pennant out along the string to see if I wanted a random pattern, or a repeating pattern.


I like it! Time to assemble!


I started by hand sewing the white pom-poms to the end of each triangle. It’s super easy, as I am by no means and expert.


Once the pom-poms were securely on, I pinned each pennant where it would be along the yarn. Be sure not to pin to the actual yarn, but instead make a loop with that extra inch of fabric you allowed for at the top of the triangle (below).



Then I used the gold thread to sew the triangles in place, and also add a little sparkle to all the blues.


Isn’t she pretty?! I’m so proud of this impulse art project as it probably took an hour of my time, and it came out looking so similar to the $50 pennant!


My friend shared this photo above of the pennants home in here baby’s room.

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