The Connecticut Science Center

The last adventure I’ve been meaning to share with you from my holiday on the East Coast, is a very fun trip to the Connecticut Science Center. Three friends joined me for some science fun up in Hartford and we had a blast. While this is clearly meant for children, my 26 year old friends and I had so much fun and I learned a ton.


This modern, narrow, colorful new building sits along the highway in Hartford next to the Convention Center. Both the east and west walls of the museum are glass allowing in light and great views of Hartford.


Most of the exhibits are interactive and feel like games. In the photo above we were in the sports and medicine floor, where you pick the helmet you want to test. Put it on the dummy and then use a lever to drop the 5kg weight to see the impact the different helmet have on protecting your head.


I had to share the above simulator! This creepy robot human can simulate 3 different types of sceneraios that the viewer gets to pick. One of the options was “Drug rash” (which I suffered from a month prior). It shows you how the vitals change as this “person” suffers from the illness. My medical genius friends said this is a tool they used in college to learn and practice on.


Oh, snowy gray Hartford. It’s come a long way. I’m thinking if I get to go back to CT in the summer, it’s worth making a trip to Hartford to experience some of the summer events they advertise.


The above photo is of an exhibit involving robots and mechanics. This exhibit is where you and a robot are shown a picture and you have to match the shapes to the photo, in a race against the robot.


The have a full wing dedicated to SPACE! It was so much fun. If you have ANY interest in space, you’ll love this exhibit.


They had a robot-dinosaur! In the summer they have a rooftop garden, which I image allows for more excellent views of the city.




The have animals! Granted the animal selection is small, it’s still really fun to watch them.


We accidentally skipped a section, and I’m SO glad we decided to check it out before the museum closed because it was the music room. Above, my friends were playing on a digital projected music board. It’s basically a digital version of that scene in Big, with the floor piano.



We got in a little more fun in the energy room, just before the museum was closing. They have a game where air blows through the triangle cone and the goal is to use the air and motion to get the beach ball into the hoop. So much fun!


I honestly can’t recommend this museum more. It’s great for children, but adults can have fun too. It’s a little pricy ($19?) but it’s worth your time and money.



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