2013 Resolutions

(Photo from Design Love Fest– my fav design blog)

This is another just-for-me post, but posting my resolution list for everyone to see makes them that much more real. And it means I’ve gotta work hard to do them. I won’t let you down!

Resolutions for 2013:
“SAVE SAVE SAVE!” – This is my mantra for the year. I really want to knock away a lot of student loans this year in the hopes of saving and one day being able to afford a house (we’re talking 10 year plan). It’s gonna be lots of adventure on a dime in 2013!
Go Cross Country skiing for the first time! – There should be snow this year!
White water rafting. – If there’s snow now, there will be rapids later!
Go kayaking
Dig out the bizarro la book and see what else is worth doing
Walk 5 times a week at least (mornings + nights!)
Do a Monster Walk!
Do more hikes from my hike book
More camping! – This past year I had 3 camping trips, lets beat that in 2013.
Run a race! 5k and work up to 10k? – It’s about time I trained again.
Whiten Teeth
Finish Secret Stair Walks
Do a secret stair walk with the facebook group and meet other stair walkers.
Do taxes in January (to get money back sooner!)
Take an art class – I’m going to sign up for one this next week.
Do more artwork. I have the supplies, so no excuses!
Learn French I- Rosetta Stone – I got it for X-mass, no excuses!
Learn how to sew – I have a sewing machine now and I’m gonna use it!
Learn how to knit – I can save money making my own scarves? 
Take vitamin b – I’m bad about doing this every day, but I’ll work on it.
Keep up water intake!
Clean bathroom drawer + cabinet – That’s been on my todo list for a while.
Do projects from the Young, House Love book – I’m so inspired already!
See a dermatologist – I’ve put this off for 3 years now. It’s time.
Read typography book I got for Christmas
Clean out closet again this year. Maximize space and make it pretty!
Clean garage and organize with plastic bins
Clean out wallet – I carry around so many unnecessary things. 
Clean out all emails – I have 1650 unread emails. I gotta fix that. 
Clean out computer and back up files – I need to make space for 2013 fun!
Get a new cell phone – This will greatly improve blogging cell photos!
Keep going out during the week
Be more consistent with my night walks
Do more running outside – Train for that 5k/10k above!
Living on my own?? – Can I afford it? We shall see if this happens in 2013.
Improve my blog! Change is a good thing!
Keep saying yes.. to everything! Yes to life!

Trip Ideas:
O Visit 2 presidential libraries
O Take the train somewhere for a day trip outside LA
O Chicago again?
O Beach camping up the coast?
O San Fran? more north? Portland?

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