Palm Springs: The Parker Inn

If you recall my Palm Springs Weekend Getaway, we didn’t stay at The Parker but we were told to stop in and explore the grounds. Turns out The Parker was actually a Bravo reality show.


This hotel feels like you’re in Alice and Wonderland, and you can tell that was their motivation. The interiors are very mid-century (as is most of Palm Springs) but the grounds are designed to be a bit of a maze, which means as you walk through an opening in the landscape, you uncover a fun bar or a pool. You just never know what’s behind the corner. Also the rooms aren’t numbered, but named. So when you get a room, it might be the “Margaret” room or the “Marilyn” for example.


See, mid-century. I wish I could have taken 100’s of photos of this place, but we felt like we were being watched and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself.


Walking the grounds we turn a corner and find this little oasis. Turn another corner and you’ll find a croquet court.


You never know what you’ll stumble upon. You’ll hear laughs and turn a corner and you’re at a bar.


If you visit Palm Springs and can’t afford to stay here, I highly recommend taking 15 minutes and walking the grounds. It’s a really impressive design and fun to explore.

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