Rewind… Denver Turkey Trot ’12

Lets rewind back to simpler times (aka pre-hospital-Thanksgiving-morning), where my uncle, sister and I donned turkey hats for the Denver Turkey Trot. Every year when we see crowds dressed as turkeys, we always say “awww… next year that’ll be us”. Well this year we did something about it and bought these hats to surprise my uncle (he was VERY surprised and a VERY good sport about it).

Here we are pre-run.

Look at the crowd! Every year I’m always surprised to see the massive crowds of people who donate their money and time to run the Turkey Trot. Especially given it’s an early morning for people who never get a day off.

Part of the fun of this race are the people who come out to support it. The band who performed on this front lawn is called More Cowbell.

Just up the block I passed this bagpipe player, playing tunes for the runners. Just beyond him, a family was having a morning gathering to watch the runners. It’s just fun to see the community getting into it. Thankfully the weather was perfect for running, not too cold but not to hot.

Some people get really into it. In the distance you can see runners following up, as the race loops back around Washington Park.

Other people start putting out their Christmas decorations while watching the runners. Aren’t these homes beautiful? This park has a big lake in the center, so to have a house along the edge of the park provides a great view.

This is just one view of the lake in the center of the park. See all the Canadian geese?

We did it!! The after shot.

I passed this statue on the walk back to the car after the race. This angel is so old-school.

Alas, our tired turkey hats took their rest on the mantel. Don’t worry, they’ll be ready for next years race.

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