“The Big-Ass Book of Bling” Book Launch Party!

On November first, my friend Lindsey and I hit up Mark Montano‘s book launch party for The Big-Ass Book of Bling at the Craft and Folk Art Museum. Party time! I highly recommend launch parties (as that usually means, free booze live music and a guaranteed awesome night) and I highley recommend a visit to the Craft and Folk Art Museum (along Wilshire’s museum row).

There was an awesome open bar with vodka provided by Alaska Distillery.

I bought the book, as I love crafts and it’s right up my ally.

You can see above there was a glittery craft table where guests were encourage to craft. It’s hard to tell from these photos, but most of the guests were wearing tons of bling and wild outfits. It was quite the scene. Plus they were giving out ring pops at the door (how clever is that?!) so everyone had dyed lips and giant candy rings on.

I didn’t realize this when I RSVP’d for the event, but the lovely Meiko was the musical guest. She played 3 or 4 beautiful songs for the crowd.

Check out her music HERE!

My friend Lindsey and I had to pose by the event wall. What a fun night.

It would be pathetic of us to visit the Craft and Folk Art Museum and not actually see the galleries, so we took a break from the event to explore. They had a glasswork exhibit (above) and a tattoo exhibit (below).

The tattoo exhibit was really fun. Even as a non-tattooed person, I still really enjoyed the graphics.

I really enjoyed this tattoo parlor set-up, where different tattoos are projected onto your body. So clever.

After exploring, I HAD to talk to Mark and have him sign my book. He was insanely nice and took time to talk to everyone. He’s so friendly, positive, and excited about crafts.

The goodie bag! I love event swag… and I especially love CRAFT event swag. Fiskars scissors- what a gift! All this for attending a free open-to-the-public party. This was my “Do This Today” for November 1st, and a great example of how there are free fun events happening all over Los Angeles every night. All you have to do is go!

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