Halloween in Toluca Lake 2012

I’m crazy backlogged on my blog posts due to the craziness of work, but I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t mention celebrating Halloween in Toluca Lake.

To start, yes I dressed up at work. And yes, I got my boss to dress up as Lamb Chop to my Shari Lewis. You can see he’s even holding a mini Lamb Chop in the photo.

After work I met up with friends and fellow bloggers (Kelocity). You can see their costumes are very topical: Mikayla is not impressed, and the Nasa JPL scientist with the mohawk with their little martian. Note the attention to detail with the spaced out stroller. After photos it was time to explore Toluca Lake and all the holiday festivities.

This year Mark Cherry had a superhero theme. He always does an awesome display of celebrity or topical skeletons in funny situations. This year’s super hero theme was very clever.

The Toluca Estates neighborhood goes all out. It’s so impressive. It also gets packed, so if you plan on visiting in 2013, go there early to see it before that made rush of people.

So elaborate!

This pirate ship is practically life size. It’s HUGE!

Yup, lots of people came out in costume.

So many people!

There was a group of people in costume who would jump on a golf cart and ride around the neighborhood and would do a Gangman Style dance mob.

When the golf cart pulled up to one house, they projected the Gangman Style video on their house.

Next year, if you’re looking for a fun neighborhood to walk around dressed up for Halloween check out Toluca Lake. If you’re looking to get candy, you’ll have to wait in lines at each house, but if it’s about the atmosphere and creativity, Toluca is you place!

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