DIY: Cleaning A Leather Love Seat

Once again, I’m working to revamp my blank canvas. I’ve been meaning to share this excellent Salvation Army find ($64). This leather love seat just needed a little tlc, and cleaning, to become the beauty that she is.

Isn’t she pretty? This couch clearly spent lots of time collecting dust in a basement of garage, so it needed a through cleaning but nothing that professionals needed to be called in for.

With some fast google searches, I figured out the best way to clean leather is a 50% vinegar/ 50% water solution… ingredients I happen to already own. Total cost to clean the couch: Zero dollars. The solution worked perfectly. It didn’t smell great while cleaning, but the solution took the grim and grease off with one wipe and the scent went away almost immediately.

I brought the vacuum into the garage and gave the inside of the couch a deep cleaning. If you’re really worried about thrift store furniture, you can even douse it in Raid before you bring it in the house.

It’s she so pretty? I got the map pillow and blanket from Ikea (crazy cheap) and the right side pillow from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Since it was “damaged” (aka had a thread on it) I got $5 off! Doesn’t the couch look nice next to the gold side table. Love!

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