The Queen Mary

I must admit.. almost all of my knowledge of The Queen Mary comes from Arrested Development (when Tobais named his nightclub after the ship). Basically, I know nothing about it. As a last hurrah, before taking my parents to the airport, we decided to have dinner aboard the docked ship in Long Beach. I can’t wait to go back here. There are several dining options, and while you pay to board the ship ($15 a person, I think?), it’s given back to you as a food voucher to use at any of the restaurants. They do this to prevent people from boarding for sunset views and then leaving without spending any money.

There is a museum exhibit (Princess Diana’s dresses), several dining options that range from fancy, to bar/lounge, to family dining. There is so much to do and see on board. Especially in fall because they offer a haunted house. I’ve been told this is a fun place to come have a few drinks in the lounge and take sunset photos, and then dance the night away in classy attire.

She’s so big!

It feels like boarding the Titanic!

Most people love the views of the Long Beach coastline. It’s really special at sunset. Come on LA people! Get a group of friends together and venture down to Long Beach on a Saturday night for a fun boat adventure!

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