Hearst Castle 3: Upstairs Tour

To catch you up to speed, check out:
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Hearst Castle 2: Casa Grande

The next tour we took was the Upstairs Tour. This was where we heard some real dirt on William Hearst. Up until now everything we heard and saw (in a film about his life in the visitors center) left out big chunks of information. Like where he got his money (from his parents) and why he waited so long to build the house (because he had to wait until his mother died because she didn’t want him wasting her money)? Also, he’s married and has a mistress yet he doesn’t allow his guests to co-mingle at his home. There was a lot of glossed over topics in the presentation of the facts. In the upstairs tour, some of these topics were unavoidable and our tour guide give us the dirt we were looking for. It was excellent, and my favorite tour of the three.

The upstairs tour explored the guest rooms, Willam’s bedroom, his office, and more private quarters.

I really believe this house was built to show off Williams extensive ceiling collection. It’s just amazing how these came all the way from Europe in those days, came out to California and up this crazy hill (on horse-back?) and then were reassembled here. What a journey. Most humans don’t make a trek like that in their lifetime.

They had sample clothes laying out on the beds in the guest room to give you a feel of what a guest would have worn to dinner at the castle. In fall docents volunteer and dress in these clothes and walk around the castle playing the role as guests. This would be fun to see. My sister brought up the idea of a fundraising event for the castle: Murder Mystery Night. Genius.

William owned rare books. Very rare books.

Williams office. This is where he read the newspaper every day and redlined it.

I loved the windows on the upstairs level. I had fun taking photos of the shadows.

Up next, Hearst Castle 4: Guest Houses + Kitchen

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