Hearst Castle 2: Casa Grande

Catch-up to speed by reading Hearst Castle 1: The Gardens and Pools.

The first tour we did was of the Casa Grande (aka, the big main house). Since these tours are pricy and people often just do one tour, this is the most popular tour they choose. Our group easily had 25 people in it. This tour was nice, but it left out the quirky William Hearst details that this house is screaming of. Thankfully, the upstairs tour and guest house tour filled in a lot of gaps for us.

It looks like a college campus or cathedral more so than a house.

How many people do you know who collect ceilings and walls from Europe?

Every room is covered with architectural details/artwork from Europe what an unusual collection. William ate dinner here with all of his guests. All guests were required to attend dinner at the same time here. Your seats were assigned based on how long you’ve stayed at the castle. New people sat in the center and guests who overstayed their welcome were pushed to the ends of the table. William would often select someone and say “entertain me”, and that guest was required to put on a one-person-show for William Hearst. It’s like people were his puppets. So strange.

Church right? Nope, dining room wall. Yeah, my dining room looks like this too.

The billiards room.

The above photo is a decorative ornamental column in the theater. This is where guests were required to watch a film every night at 11pm. You were not allowed to skip this. So unusual.

Next up, Hearst Castle 3: The Upstairs Tour.

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