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I’ve been telling people about my “closet office” for a while now, and it’s about time I shared it with you. Personally, I think it’s genius. I have a very large closet which is only half-filled with clothes, the other half is an amazing workspace. The best part is when Im crafting at the desk and I need to take a break, I just shut the door and the mess goes away. When I’m ready to pick up the project again, I just open it up and Im right back where I left off. I save SO much time by not cleaning and then resetting. Plus the desk and chair (both Ikea) fit perfectly inside the closet, so closing the door is easy. As a blogger and freelancer, having a desk set-up is so critical but I don’t have the luxury of a traditional “office”. This set-up makes it so if I don’t want to think about work, I just shut the door. As a friend told me, when the closet is open it makes the room feel so much bigger. It’s so simple, I LOVE it!

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