“Lets Get Snappin’ and Crackin'” -B.C.

“Lets get snappin’ and crackin'” – Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham, New York
I’m watching this movie as I write to you. If you know me at all, you know I-Love-Old-People. So much. And this movie is all about Bill Cunningham and his life in New York as a photographer for the New York Times (he takes fashion photos on the streets of NYC). I want so badly to be his friend. Just to grab a coffee and play some dominos with him, that would be a fabulous morning.

Watching this movie makes me so happy with my impulse purchase today at the Bitchcraft Trading Post Summer Bazar in Atwater Village. It was $24 for this beautiful pair of shoes, which is the same price for a new pair of shoes (at Payless) and I’m happy the money could go toward these girl entrepreneurs and in return I get such a unique artistic pair of shoes. These shoes feel so architectural, I love them.

Shoes purchased from the ladies behind The Sailor’s Muse, designed by 9 West.

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