Comedy Wednesday Bonus!

I had to do an extra bonus comedy post today, because I want to tell you about HBOgo’s new line of videos called “Digital Shorts”. They are basically HBO’s mini web series’, and they’ve got 4 shows that comprise this category. Two of those shows have comedians I am very excited about (as they are UCB’ers).

Brody Stevens: Enjoy it!
If you follow Zach Galafinakis on twitter, you probably saw him posting last night about Body’s new show on HBO. Those two are bros (Brody’s in practically all of Zach’s films). But you heard right, Brody Steven’s has a short-form series (Brody Stevens:Enjoy it!) on HBO so you can watch him all the time. It seems like you can only see previews on HBOgo (which I can’t add on this site), so click HERE to see clips!

Garfunkle and Oates:
You’ve read about them on my blog before (they are hilarious and very tallented) and now they have their own show. That’s right Garfunkle and Oats has a collection of videos so now the world can share in their comedy music. Here’s a video Riki Lindhome (the blonde of the duo) posted on her youtube account.

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