DYI: Postcard Art

It’s time for a fun art project! Remember my Etsy Fair loot? I bought a $10 wooden postcard by Cardtorial knowing that I wanted to display it as artwork and not as its intended function. Isn’t it cute?

I’m on a very strict budget, so I decided to take inventory of the items I own and could use to jazz up this artwork. I happen to own this small wooden frame, which was a little dented and just taking up space in my closet. I bought some colored paper a while back at Michael’s (on sale), and figure with these items I could make something awesome.

The pack of paper has a zillon colors, so I played with several until I picked one I liked. The nice thing is that I can change out the color as my tastes change. Once it gets closer to fall, I’ll want to change it to a deeper color.

After I cut the paper, I realized that the wood of the frame was taking away from the wooden postcard. Too much wood for me, so I went through my box of tricks and found some old gold spray paint. The golden color actually brings out the yellow of the postcard. I like.. I like..

The nice thing about the frame color and paper, are how easy it was to make and how easy it is to change. If I decide I want a white frame and purple paper, it’s such an easy fix.

I’m very happy with this easy 10 minute craft project. The only thing that took time was waiting the hour to secure that the gold spray paint had dried.

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