Do This Today: [Adult Swim] vs. Nightswim

This came up as a “suggested event” on facebook for me, so I guess it’s share worthy as the “Do This Today” post. Tonight at the Tropicana Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, there is an event called “Adult Swim vs. Nightswim”. Now I’m not cool enough to ever have been to the Roosevelt hotel, but the Tropicana bar is poolside, and it sounds like people actually go swimming at night… like a pool in the middle of a club. They are advertising music, dj sets, and zombie races? It sounds like a lot of comedians and adult swim actors/characters will be in attendance. This sounds like the type of night where anything can happen and you’ll be retelling stories about it for years. Get ready to party! HERE is the link to their facebook invite, with more details.

Event: Adult Swim vs. Nightswim
Location: The Roosevelt Hollywood, Tropicana Bar
Time: 10pm
Cost: Free? So it seems… but drinks will probably be pricy.
FIY: Get there early, it will hit capacity

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